10 Cooking Tips That Actually Changed How I Do Things

March 20, 2017

There are so many cooking tips out there - some are kind of silly - like using a paperclip to pit cherries isn't something I'd end up needing to do, but some are super useful and have stayed with me.

10 Cooking Tips That Actually Changed How I do Things:

  1. Microwave and roll lemons before juicing and you’ll get more juice out of ’em – FOR REAL
  2. If you are cracking eggs into a bowl or pan and get that dreaded rogue shell mixed in, simply scoop it out using the broken shell in your hand
  3. Store ice cream cartons in a Ziploc bag so it stays the perfect soft
  4. Sliding cutting board? Put a damp paper or cloth towel underneath it
  5. We go through a LOT of spinach so we get those massive containers at the store – right when I get any greens I always take it out of the original container and layer with paper towels in a larger Ziploc to keep it fresh longer
  6. Freeze grapes, put frozen grapes in warm wine instead of ice, be happy
  7. Did you know you can actually eat the skin from a Ginger root? Just go ahead and grate it into whatever your making.
  8. Whenever you have to measure things like honey, peanut butter, etc. always spray the measuring cup/spoon with cooking spray so it slides out easily and it’s easier to clean (this one legit changed my life)
  9. I don’t have an herb garden (it’s on my list!) so before herbs go bad I will fill up an ice tray with olive oil and the herbs and freeze them – simply just throw one into a pan when you’re cooking
  10. If you’ve ever tried to grill fish you’ll know that it sticks super easily – so instead put a layer of lemons on the grill and then the fish – makes the fish taste great and it doesn’t stick