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The Little Things Every Mom Should Register For

March 3, 2019

Most people know the big ticket items they need: crib, stroller, car seat, etc. Here's a list of some of the smaller things that helped in a HUGE way.

Oxo Tot Perfect Pull for Wipes

When I was pregnant one of my friends pretty much forced me to register for this. I did’t really understand what the big deal was, but once we were using it I understood how amazing this is. It allows you to store wipes on the changing table and grab one with one hand which is invaluable for those late night and squirmy diaper changes.

Pro-tip: I wouldn’t register for a wipe warmer – most babies don’t care if the wipes are warm and cold and I’d just wait to see what kind of baby you have.

Dimmable Touch Tap Light

I ended up buying two of these lights; one for our room and one for the nursery. I don’t use them as much anymore now that Jack is sleeping through the night, but these were SO helpful for those late night feeds. You can easily just touch them to turn them on while holding a baby and you can set it so it’s very dim so that you don’t wake your little one up.

Complete Nursery Care Kit

This care kit pretty much takes all the thinking out of the equation. It has had everything we could’ve possibly needed before we even knew we needed it. Thermometer, hair brush, bulb syrine (trust me, you’ll need this), nail clippers, etc. This kit made us prepared for just about anything.

Portable Changing Mat

I still use this 8 months later. It is super handy and has storage for wipes/diapers and when it unfolds it’s a mat for your little one so they don’t have to be in direct contact with those gnarly changing tables. This is a must have.

Nursing Cover, Baby Car Seat Cover, Infant Stroller Cover, Scarf, etc.

This all-in-one piece of fabric was so amazing to have handy especially when traveling. You can use it as a nursing cover, a baby car seat cover, a stroller cover, and beyond.

Mom Stuff

Top Books to Prepare You for Momhood

March 1, 2019

To be honest with you - nothing can fully prepare you to be a mom. It's a crazy experience and there's a lot that you'll either learn on the fly OR will just be instinct. I read a few different books and ended up picking and choosing certain things from each that helped form my own parenting style. Here are some books that I found helpful.

What to Expect – The First Year

This book is great to have on hand. I don’t recommend reading it all at once because it splits into months – but it’s super helpful in understanding developmental goals and the FAQ sections for each month are amazing.

Moms on Call

I actually didn’t hear about these books until my little one was around 7 months so I bought the 6-15 month book, but I really wish I read this earlier. These are pediatric nurse-moms that wrote about all the key things you need to know. There are so many helpful tips and it’s in a very digestible format (lots of bulleted lists) so it’s very easy to reference. I adjusted Jack’s sleep schedule after reading the 8 month schedule and he started napping amazingly. Highly recommend these! They even have a toddler book that I’ll definitely be getting.


This book is all about sleep. I didn’t follow all the advice, but it was really helpful to get an idea of how i wanted to encourage a nighttime routine and I also used some cry-it-out methods (which definitely isn’t for everyone).

Happiest Baby on the Block

This had some good advice on how to calm a crying baby that definitely came in handy (although didn’t ALWAYS work) and again more tips on sleep.

Baby-Lead Weaning

I wouldn’t jump into this book while your pregnant, but it’s good to have once you’re starting to introduce solids/IF you are going to do baby-lead weaning (BLW). We did both purees and BLW so again I read this and just picked what worked best for us!