Healthy Habits: 5 Things I Do To Eat Healthier

April 3, 2018


Eating healthy can be really difficult ESPECIALLY when you get busy. I have a full time job as a Digital Project Manager that takes up a lot of my time and I'm now 29 weeks pregnant which makes working out a little more difficult since I'm having some aches and pains I'm not used to. Here are some little things I do to set me up to make better choices.

Work Out

I know what you’re thinking, but honestly forcing myself to work out has a trickle effect to my eating habits. To get myself motivated I’ll tell myself to just do 30 minutes of SOMETHING every day. It could be a walk, yoga, run, really whatever! Usually I’ll end up working out longer, but on those days where I really don’t feel like it I stop at the 30 minute mark. Afterwards you feel great (thanks, endorphins!) and I find that you crave healthier things.

Plan Ahead

I usually make my grocery lists and then go grocery shopping on Saturday mornings AFTER I’ve already eaten. I either create or find healthy dinner recipes for the week and buy everything I need over the weekend. The stockpile of fruits and veggies always encourages me to eat better and finding tasty and healthy looking recipes beforehand gets me excited for my meals.

Protein, Protein, Protein!

When those mid-afternoon cravings start to sneak up on you always try to reach for a protein heavy snack. This will actually satisfy your hunger and get you to your next meal without wanting to dive into a bag of chips. I’ve recently been eating these home-made protein boxes which keep me full for so long. I’d recommend things like peanut/almond butter and an apple, handful of almonds, hard-boiled egg, etc.

Morning Smoothie

One of the things I look forward to the most is my morning smoothie. It is packed with greens so it starts me off on the right foot each morning and kind of hits the restart button if I was over-indulging the day before. I usually put kale, half a banana, peanut butter, almond milk, half an avocado, whey protein powder and some ginger in my smoothies, but there are so many healthy options out there. Just be weary of putting too much fruit in your smoothies since that can set you up for a sugar spike – I try to stay greens heavy with a banana just for flavor.

Stay Mindful

This is the one I struggle with most in all ways, but is so important when it comes to health eating. Just be aware of what you’re eating. If you want some Nacho Cheese Doritos, eat some! But maybe just don’t eat the whole bag. If you struggle with munching on things in front of the TV – make a rule that you can only eat while the TV is off so your conscious of what you’re putting in your mouth. Just think while you eat.


10 Cooking Tips That Actually Changed How I Do Things

March 20, 2017

There are so many cooking tips out there - some are kind of silly - like using a paperclip to pit cherries isn't something I'd end up needing to do, but some are super useful and have stayed with me.

10 Cooking Tips That Actually Changed How I do Things:

  1. Microwave and roll lemons before juicing and you’ll get more juice out of ’em – FOR REAL
  2. If you are cracking eggs into a bowl or pan and get that dreaded rogue shell mixed in, simply scoop it out using the broken shell in your hand
  3. Store ice cream cartons in a Ziploc bag so it stays the perfect soft
  4. Sliding cutting board? Put a damp paper or cloth towel underneath it
  5. We go through a LOT of spinach so we get those massive containers at the store – right when I get any greens I always take it out of the original container and layer with paper towels in a larger Ziploc to keep it fresh longer
  6. Freeze grapes, put frozen grapes in warm wine instead of ice, be happy
  7. Did you know you can actually eat the skin from a Ginger root? Just go ahead and grate it into whatever your making.
  8. Whenever you have to measure things like honey, peanut butter, etc. always spray the measuring cup/spoon with cooking spray so it slides out easily and it’s easier to clean (this one legit changed my life)
  9. I don’t have an herb garden (it’s on my list!) so before herbs go bad I will fill up an ice tray with olive oil and the herbs and freeze them – simply just throw one into a pan when you’re cooking
  10. If you’ve ever tried to grill fish you’ll know that it sticks super easily – so instead put a layer of lemons on the grill and then the fish – makes the fish taste great and it doesn’t stick