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The Best Burgers in Austin

March 1, 2017

There's nothing in the world better than when you are craving a burger and then you go HAMMER one. These are my go-to spots in Austin to do just that.

Black Sheep Lodge

Location: 2108 S Lamar Blvd Austin, TX 78704-4993
Hours: Sun-Fri: 11am-12am; Sat: 11am-1am

Black Sheep Lodge is a great bar to catch the big game and has some of the best bar food in town (GET THE CHEESE CURDS), but the Black Sheep Burger is one of the best in Austin. The best part of this burger is it’s a classic angus chuck patty with mixed greens, tomato, onions and pickles, BUT then you can add on anything you like. I always go for American cheese and jalapenos.


El Sapo Botanas y Burgers

Location: 1900 Manor Rd, Austin, TX 78722
Hours: Mon-Sun: Mon 11-9, Tues 11-10, Wed 11-10, Thurs 11-10, Fri 11-10, Sat 11-10, Sun 11-9; Brunch Sat & Sun: 11am – 3pm; Happy Hour Every Day: 3pm – 7pm

This is one of the most underrated burger places in Austin and the restaurant also has an awesome vibe. Check out their menu to see all the awesome burgers they offer. I always crave classic burgers so I went with La Cheeseburger because American cheese should always be on a burger IMO.


Shake Shack

Location:1100 South Lamar Blvd, Suite 2100 Austin, TX 78704
Hours: Sun-Thur: 11am-1opm; Fri & Sat: 11am-11pm

I know this isn’t a secret, cool Austin burger spot, but c’mon.

Hut’s Hamburgers

Location:  807 West 6th Street Austin,Texas 78703
Hours: Sun-Tues: 11am-9:30pm ; Wed-Sat: 11am-10pm

Shocker I went with the ‘All American’ burger with everything + my go-to American cheese, but seriously all of the burgers on this menu are amazing and if you’re a malt lover like me try their Shakes.


Photo provided by P. Terry’s

P. Terry’s Burger Stand

Location:  Multiple Locations
Hours: Check the website for hours but normally open late

Yup, another fast food place, but what can I say it’s delicious. What separtes this place from the rest though is NO PRESERVATIVES. Which makes eating a burger and fries healthy, right?


Location: 2115 Holly Street Austin, TX 78702
Hours: Weekday Lunch: Mon-Fri: 11am-2:30pm; Dinner Nightly: Sun-Thur: 5pm-10pm; Fri-Sat: 5pm-11pm; Weekend Brunch: Sat & Sun: 11AM-2:30PM

The Plancha Burger from Launderette has American cheese, special sauce, and pickles served on a Challah bun and that’s all it needs. I’m not sure what’s in the special sauce, but this simple combination is to die for.

In-N-Out Burger

Location: Multiple Locations in Austin
Hours: Sun-Thur: 10:30am – 1am; Fri-Sat: 10:30am-1:30am

No explanation needed.


Austin Restaurants

Austin Favorites – Thai Kun

February 19, 2017

Austin has so many great restaurants, but there are some that are definitely above the rest in my eyes so I thought I would start the Austin Favorites series where I take time to write up some of my favorite places in Austin. For my first post I will be expressing my extreme love for Thai Kun @Whisler's.

Thai Kun @Whisler’s
Location: 1816 East 6th Street, Austin, TX
Hours: 4pm-1:45am/7 days a week

Thai Kun is a food truck outside of an awesome bar called Whistler’s on East 6th street. I just love the whole experience of going here because the bar is amazing with so many cocktail options. In hot weather I normally sit outside with a Moscow Mule, but don’t underestimate the indoor vibe at this bar in the winter time. After I grab my drink and I’m sitting outside I’ll go up to the Food Truck and stare at the menu like a zombie. There aren’t a TON of menu options, but Here are some of my favorites:


I always start off with the Grilled Bread with Peanut Curry Sauce. You’ll get an Easy Tiger baguette with thai peanut curry sauce that you spread over it and then sprinkle with cucumbers and jalapenos – so simple, so amazing.



The Waterfall Pork is grilled pork shoulder with Tiger Cry sauce (this stuff is SPICY), pickled cabbage, toasted rice powder, cilantro, red onion, and sticky rice. This dish melts in your mouth and also slowly builds up to a pretty spicy dish – which I love with my cooling Moscow Mule.



Fried Marinated Chicken Thigh (a.k.a. heaven), chicken fat rice (a.k.a. heaven), boom sauce (a.k.a. heaven) with cucumbers. Get it. Eat it. Thank me later.


For something a little less spicy I would go for the Black Noodles which has rice stick noodles tossed in sweet dark soy and garlic oil, served with romaine lettuce, bean sprouts, celery, peanuts, pickled mustard greens, croutons, green onion, cilantro, lime. Yum.