Manor Road Restaurants in East Austin You’ll Love

April 15, 2019

I love living in central east Austin. When we first moved to this neighborhood roughly 4 years ago there were a lot of great spots, but now we're starting to see more of a boom on MLK and Manor which has been really cool to watch. Here are some my favorite spots on Manor Rd:


When I heard there was a Peruvian spot moving into our hood my interest was definitely piqued. I didn’t have any experience with Peruvian food so I was really excited to try it and I was definitely NOT disappointed. There’s really something for everyone here from the Yuquitas, which are these light cheese croquetes, the Cebiche Clasico with striped bass, to the Empanadas that will transport you to Peru.

The ambiance is also really cool. This is a must go-to spot in East Austin.

1900 Manor Rd,

Sugar Mama’s Bake Shop

My husband and I love this place. The cupcakes They have different flavors depending on when you go, but everything is good. Some good ones I’ve had are the Strawberry Shortkick, Marilyn Monroe, Southern Belle (red velvet), and so much more. It’s super easy to just walk in, grab some cupcakes and head home to FEAST. You can also enjoy the on-site, but I prefer to inhale my cupcakes in private.

2406 Manor Rd,

Dai Due

I am drooling just thinking about Dai Due. I would save this place for a special occasion or date night, but it’s definitely not overly fancy. The place is very down-to-earth and the food is just incredible. The menus change, but if the Pork Chop is available, order it, and thank me later. Also the Ash Hominy & Grits Casserole is life changing.

2406 Manor Rd,

Amy’s Ice Cream

I don’t think I need to explain how good Amy’s is, BUT they do have a new location on Manor which has made me SO happy. Thank you Amy’s Ice Cream for all that you do.

2002 Manor Rd,


This is a great, casual spot to grab a beer and some good grub. We come here all the time with our little one and can usually find a quiet corner to enjoy a game and some food. They always have a special dish that is out of this world, but the things I usually get are the Traditional Poutine, Wings, Pretzel Bites or the Seared Romaine Salad.

2310 Manor Rd,

Salty Sow

This is probably one of the best happy hours in Austin – takes place every day from 4:30-6:30pm and they have a beautiful back patio when the weather is nice. My go-tos here are the Truffled Deviled Eggs, Duck Fat Fries, Crispy Brussel Sprout Leaves, and the Honey Rosemary Dipped Fried Chicken.

While the happy hour is awesome here – make sure to check out their specials menu because they always have something awesome on there.

1917 Manor Rd,

El Chilito Tacos y Cafe

When we’re craving Mexican we typically hit up Mi Madre’s (which is also on Manor) or El Chilito. Pretty much everything is great at this spot, but just wanted to shout out the Chipotle Chicken Soup – it’s so good, especially if you’re feeling under the weather.

2219 Manor Rd,

Bird Bird Biscuit

I can’t pinpoint just one thing on this menu because it all is or looks amazing. These sandwiches taste so good and it’s so easy to walk there and order some real quick and walk back home if you leave nearby.

Pro-tip: Don’t skip the dough-doughs.

2701 Manor Rd,


This is not only an awesome spot for the whole family, but they are serving up some awesome stuff on the menu. The burger is up there with some of the best burgers in Austin (in my opinion) – it has american cheese, pickles, caramelized onions and a “burger sauce”. Other good stuff: Pork Belly “Burnt End” Tacos, Jalpaneo Pimento Dog & the Korean Hot Chicken Sandwich.

2805 Manor Rd,