Where to eat in Austin during SXSW (For Visitors & Austinites)

March 11, 2018

Elizabeth Street Cafe

During these two weeks in March Austin gets flooded with visitors from all over to dive into the SXSW scene. I love the energy of the city during these two weeks and there are so many cool events, panels, etc. to check out. I thought I'd compile two restaurant lists depending on what you're looking for while visiting our awesome city. The first list is for visitors who want to be in the action and hopefully don't need to worry about parking :). The second list will contain a guide of restaurants that will be a little more low-key for any locals or tourists who want to get away from the noise. Hope you enjoy and reach out to me on Instagram with any comments/questions! @clairecraves

In the action:

  • Franklin BBQ: Yes, this is the best BBQ in town (Bring a chair and beer for the long line)
  • Veracruz: These tacos are just perfection…
  • Kemuri Tatsu-ya: Check out the menu and try not to go to this place
  • Emmer & Rye: Get the Cacio e Pepe and DM me your deepest gratitude on Instagram (@clairecraves)
  • Wu Chow: I dream about the Shanghai Soup Dumplings
  • Thai Kun: If you like spice, this is your spot – also the bar is awesome
  • 24 Diner (6th & Lamar): Has something for everyone
  • Counter Cafe: If you’re going for breakfast get here early – the pancakes are unreal
  • Easy Tiger: Pretzels and beer – what more can you ask for?
  • Uchi: The best, best, best sushi ever – did I mention it was the best? I usually let the waiters just choose things for me
  • Bufalina (Cesar Chavez): Yes they do have awesome pizza here, but do not skip whatever pasta appetizer they’re offering
  • La Condesa: Beautiful restaurant and
  • Elizabeth Street Cafe: Not only is this place totally “instagram worthy”, but the food is spectacular

Dodge those crowds:

  • Din Ho Chinese BBQ: May not look like much, but holy cow this spot is awesome – I usually get the duck
  • Kome: When you can’t make it (*cough* afford) to Uchi this is the next best spot for awesome sushi
  • Halcyon (Mueller Location): Great place to bring kids with the Thinkery across the way
  • Slab BBQ: These sandwiches are what dreams are made of – also a great hangover cure
  • Salty Sow: Two words: Happy Hour
  • Black Sheep Lodge: Good beer, burgers, sports and cheese curds
  • Hoover’s: If you’re in the mood for “home cookin'” this is the spot
  • Biscuits & Groovy: Biscuits…
  • Pieous: Check out some breweries/wineries/distilleries in Dripping Springs, but first pizza
  • Salt Lick (Driftwood): Awesome hill country vibe with awesome BBQ
  • Habanero Cafe: You came to Austin for Mexican? This is your spot